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Garden Terrace offers in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation. We have a team of Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists that have received specialized training in techniques to help individuals living with dementia and other cognitive impairments (Parkinson, MS, etc). These techniques are proving to delay the progression of the disease, uphold independence in many aspects of daily living, and in some cases keep individuals in the familiar surroundings of home. Benefits of therapy include teaching strategies to compensate for deficits, learning new habits to maintain independence and safety, and teaching caregivers how to assist with these strategies to reduce frustration and fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Therapy Begin?

A therapist completes a brief confidential and free screen lasting approximately 15 minutes. During the screen several areas of function are briefly assessed and a determination is made as to the benefit potential from formal therapy services.

With permission, the therapist can then contact the primary physician to get a prescription. While waiting for the prescription, health insurance will be verified. All that is needed is the individual's date of birth and insurance policy number. Once the prescription is received and insurance has been verified the family is contacted with this information.

What Does Therapy Cost?

Our admission office will work with you to determine your specific insurance coverage and answer any questions you may have regarding out-of-pocket expenses.

How long does therapy last?

Only as long as therapy can show the patient is making progress.

How often does therapy occur?

As little as one time a week up to, as many as, five times a week depending on the needs of the individual patient.

For any other questions or for more information please contact us.